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Eman’s much awaited CT Scan!

Eman today finally fit into a CT scan machine, for the much awaited CT scan of her brain. No imaging has ever been done before either in Egypt or in India as her size did not allow her to fit onto the table and the gantry of the CT table.

The CT report suggests an old vascular insult in the left MCA territory of her brain. There is no appreciable area of fresh infarct or intracranial haemorrhage as reported by Dr. Rajiv Mehta- Chief consultant and head of Dept of Imaging Sciences at Saifee Hospital.Dr. Arun B Shah- Head of Department of Neurology at Saifee and Reliance Hospitals and Emans treating neurologist says that this CT scan proves that no fresh stroke has happened after her arrival at Saifee Hospital. The cause of her repeated seizures is now due to scar epilepsy. In terms of further management medications and neurological rehabilitation therapy will need to be continued as before.

May 15, 2017


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